Multimedia Projects and Works

Through the NMI Certificate program, I was able to learn both the technical and creative aspects that go into designing websites. While learning these technical skills, I was also able to develop experience in professional and collaborative project management through my NMI Capstone course, in which I and a team of four other students created and marketed a fully functioning app for a client over the course of a semester.

Outside of the classroom, I have also had the chance to work with Synesthesia Media - a media company started by New York Times investigative reporter and author, Ian Urbina. Through working with Synesthesia, I have enriched my experience in audience engagement by creating content for social - including Ian's own Twitter account of over 14k followers. I have also gained experience in working remotely with a team of individuals of multiple projects over varying lengths of time and of vastly different natures.

Capstone Project: Sketch It App

As the director of communications for our team, my primary responsility was interacting with our client. This gave me experience in how to properly and professionally interact with clientele, while also highlighting the importance of consistent communication when completing projects for other individuals. In addition, I also assisted in the branding of the app as well. This involved brainstorming the color schemes and specialized jargon associated with the app, in addition to crafting our project presentations and organizing team meetings. Through this, I was able to learn how to strategically market and produce a project collaboratively with a team of individuals. Overall this class was huge lesson in project management and enterprising.

Synesthesia Media: The Outlaw Ocean Music Project

One of the main projects I have been able to work on with Synesthesia is The Outlaw Ocean Music Project - a global collaboration that brings artists together who are translating journalism into songs inspired by Ian's bestselling book, "The Outlaw Ocean," which explores lawlessness on the high seas. My responsibilties with the Music Project included writing copy for the project's website and the Spotify Genius Behind the Lyrics feature for some of the songs. Additionally, I worked through the Spotify for Artists platform to upload Canvases for the hundreds of songs included in The Outlaw Ocean Music Project.