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9, Nov 2017

Athens' First Taste of Filipino Culture

Rachel Barnes and Alfredo Lapuz Jr., co-owners of the Athens-based food truck Manila Express, could not come from more different backgrounds.

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29, Nov 2017

"Put your weight on me": UGA student discusses performance art project

On Saturday, Nov. 11, João Victor Vidal, a junior graphic design major, stood vigil on a tarp on the corner outside of the Starbucks on College Avenue for two hours wearing no shoes.

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23, Oct 2017

A Boy, a Bike, and a Boombox: The Story of Anderson Bui, Bicycle Dude

When asked what three words best describe him, Anderson Bui, a junior entertainment media studies major from Norcross, doesn’t miss a beat in his response.

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01, August 2019

How to Decorate Your Kitchen Based on Your Zodiac Sign

Want to create a cooking space that’s star-sign-compatible to your personality? Lisa Seeger, design trends expert for N-Hance Wood Refinishing, is sharing all her astrological design tips with

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11, Jan 2018

A Triple Dawg Raising Hogs

When Cathy Payne first moved onto the piece of land that soon became the home of her eco-friendly farm Broad River Pastures, the 11 acre stretch of land only boasted a house built in the 1950s and a barbed-wire fence.

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2, May 2018

Athens Human Rights Festival Celebrates 40th Edition This Weekend

When the first Athens Human Rights Festival was held in 1979, it was intended as more of a memorial than a festival. It was created by two law students at the University of Georgia who wanted to host a get-together to commemorate the 10th anniversary of the Kent State and Jackson State shootings.

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7, Jul 2017

A profitable passion: Athens artist makes living off his art

Few artists are able to make a living off their art, and many avoid selling their works commercially to maintain artistic integrity. Local Athens artists Jamie Calkin is the exception to both these rules.

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Build the Perfect Summer Entertaining Space: 8 Tips From a HomeGoods Style Expert

Are you ready to serve up some summer fun? HomeGoods style expert Jenny Reimold is sharing all her budget-friendly (and totally stylish) entertaining tips with

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12, Jun 2017

Rags to riches: Red Dress Boutique owner Diana Harbour grew her business from the ground up

According to Forbes magazine, about 90 percent start-up businesses fail within their first year. More fail in the next five years. Red Dress Boutique owner, Diana Harbour, serves as an exception to that bleak statistic.

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11, April 2018

No. 3 Railroad Street Hosts Fundraiser for Italian Chapel

Mary Nouri and Rita Morgan Richardson have a few things in common. They both spent part or all of their lives in Arnoldsville. They both have fond memories of the general store off of Railroad Street. And they’ve both spent a majority of the past few years trying to take an abandoned, run-down building and restore it to its former glory. The only difference is that Nouri’s building happens to be that same general store on the corner of Railroad Street, while Richardson’s is a chapel in Tuscany, Italy.

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10, Jan 2019

Athens in Harmony Brings Locals Together, Again

Pat Priest can pinpoint the exact moment when she knew she wanted to put on the first Athens in Harmony concert. It was in July 2016, at a City Hall vigil following the the Dallas police killings, where Priest observed an interaction between Athens-Clarke County Police Chief Scott Freeman and Mokah Johnson, leader of the Athens Anti-Discrimination Movement (AADM).

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12, July 2018

The Renaissance man of Athens: Vernon Thornsberry captures local culture in new exhibition

Vernon Thornsberry began nurturing his creative spirit in a tin shack with no electricity on Esplanade Avenue in New Orleans. During the winters, Thornsberry would dress in a white butcher’s coat with white socks over his hands to stay warm. In the sticky summers New Orleans is known for, the tin of the shack would transform into an oven under the beating sun, making it unbearably hot. None of that stopped him. Each day, Thornsberry would return to his tin studio to create.